Seasonal Allergies in Central Virginia

Raise your hand if you struggle with seasonal allergies? I’m sure it’s 1/3 of you or even more. For those that haven’t struggled with it, that’s great! However, chances are you know someone who does. The allergens are intense right now, and I know from experience how much of a nuisance that can make the springtime.

I Also Suffered From Seasonal Allergies.  

When I was a chiropractic patient as a teenager, shoulder pain as my main complaint. I also had seasonal allergies that unfortunately flared up during most of my baseball season. It made it really hard to focus on pitching as a kid when I was sneezing during the game. Little did I know that the chiropractic adjustments to my spine would not only help my shoulder but also help my allergies as well! Pretty soon after I started getting adjusted regularly, my allergies didn’t flare up as badly. What an amazing health benefit to getting adjusted!
If the central Virginia pollen is getting you down right now, make sure you come in to get adjusted so that your nervous and immune system can be tuned up and working at their best!