Part of the Story

As I type this morning, I am still in shock and awe of what has happened over these past three weeks with UVA basketball in the NCAA tournament. As a life-long fan, this has definitely been the best feeling. To overcome adversity so many times and find a way to persevere has just been incredible to watch. They could write many books and movies about this team and what they have done. Simply incredible! Congrats to the team, the staff, the support group and the fans. 2019 National Champions!

A year ago, when UVA lost to UMBC to become the first ever top seed to lose to a 16 seed (lowest seed) in the history of the tournament, it was a rough moment. Coach Bennett handled it with grace and told the reporters that asked the tough questions that the team would be better for having experienced that loss and they would embrace it as part of their story. They weren’t going to hide from it or dodge it. It was a scar and a reminder they would have for the rest of their lives as competitive athletes. What he said next was the best, though - it did not define them. It wasn’t their identity. It was just part of their journey.
What a great reminder for all of us. Things happen in life that are painful both physically and emotionally but they aren’t who we are. They don’t define us.  They are part of the story and I know with the right attitude they can stay that way and not define all of who we are. A poor diagnosis or difficult circumstances are just part of the story and not a label of who we are. 

The team embraced it, worked harder than ever to set themselves up for success and enjoyed the process. Now, they can celebrate their victory just one year later. Whatever you are going through today that feels overwhelming or suffocating, I pray you release it. Give it to God, trust the process of what he is doing and be thankful.

Go Hoos! God bless!

Dr. Evan

April Wellness Workshops

April 16 - Back to the Basics: 
This workshop will take place at Atlas Chiropractic at 6:00pm and is for new patients or existing patients who haven't attended this workshop yet. Dr. Evan will walk you through the basic yet important aspects of chiropractic that will help you optimize your care.

April 23 - Active and Fit:
Join Lauren and me at 8:30pm on Facebook Live as we share how essential oils, chiropractic care and orthotics play an important role in supporting our bodies during exercise and recovery.