The Waiting

Many of you know that my wife, Lauren and I welcomed our son, Verick James Durrer into the world three weeks ago. I have had the opportunity to share with most of you that have come into the office for your adjustments the past three weeks about how Lauren and Verick are doing and how the birth went. I wanted to share part of that birth story that I know we can all relate to in some area of our life or another. I pray that it is an encouragement to you today!

Leading up to when Verick was born, almost everyone we talked with shared their thoughts about the unknown. That unknown varied from what he would look like, how much he would weigh, how tall he would be, etc. However, the most common two things that I heard were that he would be closer to his due date (compared to Hannah who was six days late) and that Lauren’s labor wouldn’t take as long. Lauren and I felt confident that those things were true too. However, Verick’s story was much different. Verick ended up being born nine days after his due date and the labor was almost three times as long as Hannah’s from start to finish. But he is here now. He is exceedingly healthy, as is Lauren, and for those two things we praise God!! In that waiting time between the beginning of labor and him arriving was a testing time for both Lauren and me.

It’s natural to think, “What is wrong? Why us? Did we make a mistake? Is he ok? Is Lauren ok?” All those thoughts admittedly flowed through our minds at one point or another as we were waiting for things to progress. The waiting is hard!

I am certain there are things you are waiting for in your life right now. A breakthrough in some area of your life. It feels like it will never happen and your faith wavers back and forth on if it’s even worth continuing to pursue that goal or dream. I want to encourage you and share with you what Lauren and I did in those moments of stress and unknown.

We shared out loud how we felt and we gave it to God. His word says to cast all our cares upon me, so we took Him at his word. We prayed out loud to him our fears and anxieties and trusted him with it. We chose not to partner with fear or uncertainty but to lean into His certainty. Almost immediately, we both felt a peace in our soul only explained by God’s caring touch. Verick wasn’t born right then. He still wouldn’t be born for another day but we chose to be fully faithful in the waiting. So whatever you are waiting on right now, I pray that you seek God and trust Him in this season. His promise is he will give you the peace that only comes from him.

God bless!

Dr. Evan

Evan Durrer